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Native American Jewelry Artist Bios: A - H

Marc Antia

Part Apache and part German, Marc Antia is a self-taught silversmith who has been making jewelry for decades. Marc often combines sterling silver and 14k gold to make pendants, rings, and cuffs. He creates solid, substantial pieces of jewelry using heavy stamping.

His classic stamping on his gold and silver jewelry make Marc’s work wearable with just about any outfit or color scheme. While still formal and ornate, Marc’s work also reflects humility in both its function and its roots in traditional technique.

Raymond Beard

Raymond Beard is Navajo, and he currently works out of Gallup, New Mexico. He started silversmithing in 1978, and was taught by his brother-in-law. His first foray into jewelry making produced needlepoint cluster and inlay jewelry. As his skills improved, he moved on to making more ornate and intricate pieces. One piece that he is most proud of is a large concho belt that he made with a crow dancer in the middle and clusters of stone around it. He also specializes in bolo ties. 

 Lloyd Becenti

Lloyd Becenti is a Navajo artist from Tohatchi, NM. Famous for his stamped all silver storyteller designs and work featuring intricate images of horses, kachinas, and native ceremonies. Lloyd is a perfectionist when it comes to his jewelry designs and he comes from a famous family of silversmiths that have been making stamped silver jewelry for several generations.

Eugene Belone

Navajo Jewelry artist Eugene Belone

Eugene Belone is an accomplished Navajo jeweler and silversmith. Hailing from Gallup, New Mexico, Eugene has been making jewelry for over a decade. Eugene's wife, Elouise Kee, taught him the craft of jewelry and silversmithing. Eugene incorporates contemporary, detailed stamp work with traditional designs. All of his pieces are hand made and stamped. 

Raymond Bennet

Raymond Bennet is Navajo, hailing from Gallup, New Mexico - where he still resides. He has been a silversmith since 1994, having learned his craft from his family members, including both his parents and his uncles.
He is a listed silversmith in Barton Wright's "Hallmarks of the Southwest". He began using “R. Bennett or Ray Bennett” in 1978. Ray's work is traditional and each piece is has a unique, vintage-style quality. 

Iva Booqua

Iva Booqua is a master Zuni needlepoint artist. She is 55 years old and started making jewelry about 25 years ago, when she was taught and mentored by her mother Florence. Her specialty is intricate, fine needle-point work using Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. She makes a variety of earrings, pins, and pendants, but she is most noted for her famous intricate squash blossoms and concho belts.

Effie Calavaza

Effie Calavaza, Zuni silversmith


Originally from Zuni, New Mexico, Effie Calavaza is known for incorporating large stones and snake designs in her work, creatively integrating both turquoise and coral. In 1956 Effie began silversmithing - an art which she learned from her husband, Juan Calavaza, who is now deceased. Effie shared Juan's mark, JUAN C. ZUNI until his death. After his death, Effie marks her work, EFFIE C..

Larry Martinez Chavez

Larry Martinez Chavez, jeweler


Larry Martinez Chavez was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Larry is Navajo, and was raised by his mother Reina Martinez, who also taught him silversmithing. Today, Larry lives in Gallup New Mexico with
his wife and children. He is recognized for making top-quality, high-end jewelry.

Daniel Coriz

Daniel Coriz is from the Santo Domingo pueblo. The son of Valentino and Nestoria Coriz, he learned his trade from his parents. Daniel creates amazing treasure necklaces filled with turquoise, lapis, spiny oyster, and coral stones mixed with various other bright stones and carvings. He has two sons, and he is proudly teaching one of them the craft of jewelry-making. 

Guy Hoskie

Guy Hoskie, silversmith

Guy Hoskie was born in 1952 in Fort Defiance, Arizona and currently resides in Window Rock, Arizona. Guy started working for the Navajo Tribe in Window Rock, Arizona in 1975, and remained there until 2000. During this time he was sliversmithing on the side. Guy learned this craft  from his relatives, Sunshine Reeves and Andy Cadman, and has been creating jewelry since the early 1990's. Guy's favorite pieces to create are bracelets and squash blossom necklaces, and he has made many of the stamps he uses in his silversmithing. Guy finds great satisfaction in seeing his pieces being enjoyed and worn by people who support his artistry. 

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